Burglaries in Cork up by 40%

Burglaries in Cork up by 40%

SPECIALISED gangs with high powered cars have been targeting houses across Cork City and North Cork over the past four months, with burglaries up 40% across the region.

Cork’s top police officer, Chief Superintendent Barry McPolin, said progress had been made on the problem with Leinster-based gangs being targeted.

“We had a spike of burglaries in the last four months, hitting Douglas, Glanmire, Ballyvolane and the peripheral areas of the motorway. They were hit-and-run jobs,” he said.

“These people were in and out very, very quickly. In one weekend in October last we had 21 burglaries between here and adjoining divisions.”

Chief Supt McPolin said one gang was targeted in a joint operation with Dublin garda divisions.

“We targeted the gang  — there were four to five young men and a driver.”

“We put operations in place in tandem with our colleagues in Dublin and dismantled the gang, and some of them have been charged.” Chief Supt McPolin highlighted the instance of a car involved in burglaries being spotted in Cork, then traced to Dublin and on to Donegal, all in one day.

“There were two burglaries one morning in Fermoy.

“The car was spotted, observed and we received a call, we were able to put an operation in place,” he said.

“They escaped the net and then we got information that the car was in Dublin, that day and by night-time the car was monitored in Donegal.”

Chief Supt McPolin described the characteristics of these criminals.

“These are gangs primarily based in Leinster, they are highly specialised in what they do.

“They change cars very quickly to avoid detection and they have a mix of skills between them all: one guy is a good driver, one guy is good at breaking and entering, there might be three or four travelling together.”

Chief Superintendent Gerard Dillane said cloned number plates were another issue that meant these cars were coming down from Leinster undetected by CCTV or patrols.

“These cars may be stolen, but they have cloned number plates for the same make and model of car meaning they go undetected from a garda perspective.”

Chief Supt McPolin advised the public to exercise vigilance in every occasion and also to ring in anything that seems suspicious.

“Don’t think twice about making a call to us, ring us, we have additional patrols to deal with the issue and we will check it out.”

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