How people fared in Cork during Hurricane Ophelia

How people fared in Cork during Hurricane Ophelia
Karen, Willow and Andrew Brittain from Cobh. Pictures: David Keane.

The worst storm in 50 years brought Cork to a standstill on Monday.

Shops were shut, schools didn’t open and emergency services were flat out dealing with incidents of fallen trees across the city and county.

The Evening Echo spoke to some locals and some visitors to Cork to see how they fared during the storm.

Most people seemed to spent the day with family at home, passing the time with board games and movies, depending on whether or not they household has electricity.

It was a tough time for animals, who seemed to be able to sense the disturbance in the area, despite being kept inside by their owners.

As well as that there were even one or two people who didn’t realise the storm was occurring, such as Helen Burke, who ended up stranded on the Carrigrohane Road and got put up in the Kingsley Hotel for the night.

Andrew, Karen and Willow Britton, Cobh

We were fine, I am on maternity leave so I was off already and Andrew had just taken paternity leave, so he was off as well. We just hung around the house, the ESB went from 10am-4pm so we made a Harry Potter jigsaw and ate a load of chocolate. Our Dog Frankie was a little worried, he only went outside through the dog flap twice and he started howling at the wind.

Brendan McGrade, Fermanagh

Me and my partner came down from Fermanagh yesterday, we had it all booked already. We knew there was a storm coming, but we came anyway. It was pretty rough coming down, the last half hour was pretty scary in the car. We got to the Kingsley Hotel around 1.30pm. After that it was grand, we just watched TV in the hotel.

Helen Burke, Model Farm Road 

I didn’t know about the storm. My son had gone to America and he left the TV on RTÉ2 and I didn’t know how to change it. I went to work around 8am and it looked like a lovely day. After 4pm I started looking for a place to stay, but everywhere was extremely expensive, so I started walking home and got as far as the Kingsley before I had to stop. The Kingsley put me up in a fantastic room for half nothing! I got upgraded and watched the news on a massive telly in the lap of luxury!

Barry O’Halloran, Mallow

I had just gotten back from New Zealand the day before. I was at my family home in Mallow and I stayed indoors for the day. There was a good gale, but nothing too harsh. I felt safe enough. The power was out all day so we sat around telling ghost stories. It was nice to be off work for it and able to watch the storm go by.

Mary Bennett, Rathcooney

I wasn’t working so I was at home. We are out on our own, but it was alright. We didn’t lose the ESB. My daughter was home from work and my son had no college and my husband has a shop in town, which was closed so we were all at home. It was like Christmas! We sat around chatting and watching movies, we didn’t step outside the door.

Sharon White, Ballyvolane

I work in a school so I was off for the day and I was at home with my son, two daughters and my dog max. The dog was a bit worried, he was sniffing the gusts of wind coming down the chimney but we were grand, we didn’t lose power so we watched movies and stuffed our faces. A tree uprooted in the garden and the drain pipe came down, that was about the worst of it. We were lucky.

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