Olivia’s mum speaks of her ‘hell on earth’

Olivia’s mum speaks of her ‘hell on earth’
Sisters of murdered Olivia Dunlea, Anne and Amanda with her mother Ann (centre).Picture: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

THE mother of Olivia Dunlea has said the past five years have been “hell on earth” enduring three trials to see her daughter’s murderer jailed for life.

Darren Murphy, 41, was convicted of murdering his then-girlfriend Olivia Dunlea in February 17, 2013.

Olivia’s charred remains were discovered with six stab wounds in bed in her home in Passage West which was set alight by Mr Murphy.

Ann Dunlea said it has been very hard for the past five years, and that the third trial was very difficult.

“It is hard, listening to that man lying through his teeth.

“We heard it all twice before and it doesn’t get any easier and you are worried about the outcome, what’s the verdict going to be...”

Ms Dunlea said she and her family are delighted with the outcome, but said: “At the end of the day, Olivia is still not with us over him, and to be looking at him in the courthouse it is very hard.

“There is no magic to bring Olivia back and that is his fault and the cruel way that he killed her. You can’t erase the hurt. If I had my way I would throw away the key and leave him to rot in jail.

“He is an excuse for a human being. He is after destroying our lives and her children’s lives so there is no sympathy vote coming from this side, he doesn’t deserve it.

“If he had manned up on the first day, no one did it only him.”

Speaking about Olivia’s three children, Aaron, 17, Megan, 15 and Daragh, 14, Ann said the kids are good.

“They are older now so they know more, we told them to come to us and we will tell them what is going on.” Ms Dunlea said the kids are the only thing that keeps her going and she can always see a piece of Oliva in all of them. “They come to my house every day. They are a credit to Olivia, three nice good kids. They have her mannerisms, all three of them.

“She will never be really gone, they have her nice ways and everything.”

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