Inmates denied privileges in Cork Prison over discipline breaches

Inmates denied privileges in Cork Prison over discipline breaches
Cells and landing area in Cork Prison. Picture: Eddie O'Hare

ALMOST 90 inmates of Cork prison were denied privileges in the first five months of this year after breaching discipline.

Figures from the Department of Justice showed that 88 prisoners were sanctioned between January 1 and May 31.

A total of 169 were sanctioned last year in the prison and they were among 2,244 sanctioned nationally.

The figures from the Irish Prison Service relate to the number of prisoners who were sanctioned under the P19 system.

Among the sanctions faced by such inmates is the loss of privileges, including a reduction in the length of phone calls and a reduced number of visits from friends and families. Other sanctions include a prohibition on gym use and reduced or no access to the prison tuck shop.

Typical breaches of discipline include possession of a prohibited article such as a knife or a mobile phone; use of violence, or disobeying an order of a prison officer.

Using illegal or smuggled-in substances such as alcohol and drugs could also lead to sanctions.

There are almost 300 inmates at Cork Prison, which opened in 2016, after a €42 million investment by the State.

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