Cork City Council to crack down on wheelie bins blocking footpaths

Cork City Council to crack down on wheelie bins blocking footpaths

New bylaws will restrict the hours bins can be left on the street.

CORK City Council will run the rule over new proposed waste bylaws in the city.

Among the proposals are a clampdown on the hours that bins can be left out on the street and new measures of enforcement regarding rubbish being dumped in other people's bins.

Fine Gael councillor John Buttimer welcomed the measures to tackle dumping, which is a growing issue in the city.

He said there may be some compromise and debate before the bylaws are approved, but said that it is important that steps are taken to combat the issue.

"We are looking at restricting the times to have bins on the street," he said.

"Basically, there will be certain hours that bins would have to be brought in and out."

Mr Buttimer said it is not as simple as introducing one rule throughout the city, though.

"We have quite a few areas where bins remain out on the street for days at a time," he said.

"In some cases, this is down to people just leaving the bin out, deciding not to bring it in for whatever reason. In others, though, it is because people don't have the space for storage."

This is a particular issue in areas in the south parish, with many the streets off and near Douglas Street and Barrack Street, for example, just lacking the space to store bins, leaving residents with no alternative than to leave them on the street.

The result, though, is obstructed footpaths and a negative appearance on the street, Mr Buttimer said.

"There has to be some degree of compromise," he added.

Also included in the draft measures are stronger provisions for fining people whose waste is dumped illegally.

Currently, if the city's waste management officers can identify the culprit behind dumping, they can issue a fine. Usually, this is done by looking through the bag of rubbish for bills or other identifying items.

It is understood that the new measures would allow fines to be issued to more than one person if they can be identified through the contents of the bag. If post for two people is included in one discarded bag, both may be fined, for example.

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