‘Reunite Carrigaline into one electoral area’

‘Reunite Carrigaline into one electoral area’
Crosshaven is currently in the Bandon-Kinsale district while its neighbour Carrigaline is linked with Ballincollig. Picture: Denis Scannell

A Carrigaline-based councillor is calling for the whole town to be brought back into the one electoral area, calling the decision to split the area in 2014 “ludicrous”.

Electoral area changes in 2014 saw the town split and the northern half aligned with the Ballincollig-Carrigaline municipal district but the southern half - everything south of the Owenabue River - being transferred into the Bandon-Kinsale district.

A public consultation process on the realigning of the electoral areas in advance of the 2019 Cork city boundary extension is now open with public submissions invited up until May 9.

The Local Area Boundary Committees will review the submissions and report back to Minister of State of Local Government and Electoral Reform John Paul Phelan before June 13.

Ballincollig is being subsumed into the city as part of the boundary extension meaning major changes will take place in Carrigaline area.

Councillor Seamus McGrath (FF) has urged people in Carrigaline to make their feelings on the matter known by making submissions to the Committee.

He added his role as a local representative is restricted by the split which does not allow him to make representations on issues in the southern half of Carrigaline.

“The decision to separate Carrigaline in 2014 was a disastrous decision and it made no sense at all. It has had real practical implications on a day to day basis. Not just for public representatives but for community groups and Tidy Towns groups and on,” said Mr McGrath.

“As a public representative living in Carrigaline, if I want to put a motion down [on council agendas] to do with the Carrigaline-Crosshaven walkway, I can't do it because Carrigaline is divided and that particular amenity is in the Bandon-Kinsale area.

“From a practical point of view, it is totally unworkable. It was a ludicrous decision and it really does need to be reversed.

Mr McGrath also believes Crosshaven and Ballygarvan should be part of the same electoral area as Carrigaline due to the areas' close connections with each other.

“We would also like to see Crosshaven and Ballygarvan come back into that area because they are naturally aligned with each other,” he said.

“I am are encouraging people to make submissions and send an email to the committee who are looking at this. They are the people that can dictate that these areas should be brought back together,” he added.

Mr McGrath and local TD Michael McGrath (FF) intend to start an online petition on the matter in due course.

Submissions can be made at www.boundarycommittee.ie

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