Trust must be restored in the Irish health system

Trust must be restored in the Irish health system
Stephen Teap with his two children. Irene Teap died last year after receiving incorrect cervical cancer screening results.

A Cork man whose wife died from cancer after receiving two false negative tests has welcomed the resignation of the Director General of the HSE, Tony O'Brien.

Mr O’Brien will step down at close of business today following the Cervical Check scandal which has impacted more than 200 women across Ireland, with some now terminally ill.

Carrigaline native Irene Teap was diagnosed with stage two cancer in 2015 and died on July 26 last year, leaving behind two sons, after two false negative tests in 2010 and 2013.

“I’m delighted he’s gone but it’s a pity the government didn’t take action sooner and make him resign,” said Irene’s husband Stephen.

He said the release yesterday of a 2016 HSE memo was the final nail in Mr O’Brien’s coffin.

The memo warned of possible negative media stories as a result of the cervical check audit.

“The government need to take steps now to restore trust with the people and caring for the victims of this has to be their priority,” Mr Teap said.

“By victims, I mean the women going through cancer treatment, getting this horrible news, and their families and children.”

Fine Gael Senator Tim Lombard reiterated his call for the HSE to be dissolved and said that questions need to be answered by individuals further up the chain of command.

“It was the right decision by Tony O'Brien to step down. In fact, he probably stayed on two or three days too long."

“Questions need to be answered now by individuals further up the chain to see who knew what."

“The time to disband the HSE is now, there’s no support for it” he added.

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