Cork streets are “filthy dirty”, says city councillor

Cork streets are “filthy dirty”, says city councillor
City councillor Tim Brosnan said a number of streets in Cork are sticky, unclean, and look terrible. Pic: Pat Good

CITY centre streets have been allowed to deteriorate to a “manky” condition, according to one city councillor.

Fianna Fáil’s Tim Brosnan has hit out at the lack of work done on the city’s main thoroughfares. He says that the streets are dirty and unkempt.

A number of city businesses have taken to social media to highlight concerns, with one proprietor describing streets as “sticky” in some areas.

“Business owners have contacted me about this,” Mr Brosnan said, adding that he spotted a number of “filthy dirty” patches on a recent walk through the city centre.

“If you walk down the city’s main streets, they are manky dirty. Just look at the state of the footpaths on Patrick Street, South Mall, Oliver Plunkett Street. These are the busiest streets in the city centre and they are dirty.”

Power washers cleaning chewing gum off Patrick's Street in 2005. Pic: Brian Lougheed
Power washers cleaning chewing gum off Patrick's Street in 2005. Pic: Brian Lougheed

Mr Brosnan said that his complaints were not about litter, which he acknowledged was quite low, but rather the condition of the streets themselves. He said they are “sticky, grubby and filthy”, pointing to discolouration and stains and a general uncleanliness.

His complaints come as the tourist season accelerates. Thousands of people will visit Cork every day over the coming months. This includes the UK’s Prince Charles, later this week.

“There are stains, cigarette butts, spilt drinks, and ice-creams,” he said.

“The streets are sticky, unclean, and it looks terrible. The city should be spick-and-span for the busy summer season, whether we have so-called VIPs visiting or not.

“It, quite simply, does not reflect well on our city. Some shopfronts are in need of a good scrub, too.”

Mr Brosnan said that work is urgently needed throughout the city.

“We have our street cleaners out and doing a great job. That is not an issue,” he said.

“But we used to have scrubbers and power-washers, too, and you simply don’t see these people out and about anymore.

“The footpaths need to be scrubbed, the city needs a complete spring clean.

“Nothing in the public realm is being maintained to the standard required; it is a sloppy attitude.”

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