22 drug driving detections made in first four months of 2018

22 drug driving detections made in first four months of 2018

Garda Sargent Shane Henry, Traffic Corps Division, with actor Gavin Greene, pictured simulating a roadside preliminary drug test. Picture: Robbie Reynolds

Gardaí in Cork have made 22 detections for drug driving across the three Cork divisions in the first four months of the year.

West Cork’s Chief Superintendent Con Cadogan said the Mandatory Intoxication Testing (MIT) checkpoints across Cork city and county had been very successful.

The MIT checkpoints were brought in with the Road Traffic Bill 2016.

However, many gardaí are still undergoing training to be proficient at carrying out the test.

Chief Supt Cadogan said there was training ongoing for members across the city and county.

The Chief Superintendent gave specifications of the age profile of the individuals being caught and the type of drugs being used.

“Cocaine and cannabis are the main drugs we are finding people under the influence of,” Chief Supt Cadogan said.

“We are catching a number of middle-aged people with substances in their system, some are in their late 40s and into their 50s.”

The head of West Cork policing also mentioned the time it takes to carry out the test, saying it can take up to half an hour to complete the test.

“The time can be an issue, but it is a vital test and it is proving successful.”

The figures were released along with other crime statistics that detailed the number of drug detections made across the city and county for possession of drugs.

There were 98 recorded offences of possession of drugs for sale or supply from January to April this year, compared to 108 for the same period in 2017.

With regards possession of drugs for personal use, the numbers also dropped by 9 from 454 in 2017 to 445 in 2018.

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