New Garda drug unit planned for Mayfield

New Garda drug unit planned for Mayfield

MAYFIELD’S Superintendent Mick Comyns has welcomed the reintroduction of the Mayfield drugs unit, which will be working in tandem with the divisional drug unit in the near future.

The Mayfield drugs unit is one of three reinstated units across the Cork City districts, with other units also planned for Togher and Gurranabraher.

Chief Superintendent Barry McPolin said the new units would lead to increased detections and a new-found focus on the issue of drug dealing and drug use in the city. Superintendent Comyns, who is in charge of the Mayfield district, said the new unit will concentrate solely on drug dealing in Mayfield and he was hopeful of good results.

“Drugs are always an issue. They are in every town and village in Ireland and Mayfield is no different. Hopefully, this unit will be able to deal with the drugs issue in the district,” he said.

Chief Superintendent Barry McPolin explained the units will be manned by frontline gardaí on six-month placements, who will learn new skills and techniques, before returning to their post on the beat.

“These won’t be permanent members attached to these units. There will be possibly a six-months rotation period so that there will be uniformed members from the units who will have a chance to build up their level of expertise and skills in that particular area and bring them back, then, into the frontline policing arena.

“It is a training regime, also, as well as an upskilling and, most importantly, we are dealing with the serious issue of combating the scourge of drugs that are in our society.”

Chief Supt McPolin said the new units will play an important role in protecting the public.

“It goes directly to the protection, safety, and security of communities we are serving, so it is perhaps another layer of dealing with serious issues that are in the community and drugs is one of them.”

As well as working with the divisional drug unit, the gardaí will also work with the HSE, Cork City Council, and voluntary agencies. “We also will be working very closely, at a strategic level, with our partners in the HSE and in the voluntary agencies and with Cork City Council, in relation to a number of initiatives that are currently in place here in Cork city,” Chief Supt McPolin added.

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