Plans to close off Nash’s Boreen due to dumped rubbish and burnt out cars

Plans to close off Nash’s Boreen due to dumped rubbish and burnt out cars
Steel gates and fire damage at farm land at Nashs Boreen. Picture: Eddie O'Hare

GARDAÍ are looking at closing off Nash’s Boreen on the north side of the city due to the high volume of illegal activity in the area.

Inspector Gary McPolin said there were a number of issues, including dumping of rubbish, youths driving scramblers down the narrow road into fields and joyriders tearing up fields and burning out vehicles on farmers’ land.

Burnt out cars at Nash's Boreen. Picture: Eddie O'Hare
Burnt out cars at Nash's Boreen. Picture: Eddie O'Hare

Local farmer Dan Forrest, who is renting land on the west and east of the boreen, said he was contemplating giving up farming in the area due to the troubles he endures.

He said there were more than 30 cars and bikes burnt out on his land over the past few years. “It is frustrating, it’s a nightmare. They rammed the gates and broke the locks.”

Mr Forrest said: “They got into the field and drove the cars around for a couple of hours and then burnt them out. There is a pile of scramblers flying around the place too, into the fields and we are constantly on to the guards.

“It is a danger to the pedestrians and there is a pile of dumping on the lane as well.”

Mr Forrest told the Evening Echo he was cutting his field for silage recently when the mower broke down after it struck a burnt-out motorbike hidden in the grass, which is one of a number of burnt-out vehicles abandoned on his land.

“It is an extra job and you are on tenterhooks the whole time.”

The farmer said he has put a great deal of expense into securing his fields.

“I had to put double shooting bolts on the gate and a weight in front of the gate, so they couldn’t ram the gate again. A lot of expense has gone into securing the land. It is very annoying.”

Inspector Gary McPolin said gardaí were assessing their options to deal with the trouble.

“Since the road has opened it has become very dangerous for pedestrians and road users.

“We will have to revisit possibly closing it again. It has become very dangerous and used by people partaking in antisocial behaviour. We will be talking to city and county council about closing the road again,” he said.

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