HSE has contacted all 24 Cork women affected by CervicalCheck

HSE has contacted all 24 Cork women affected by CervicalCheck
A Cork rally to support women and their families who have been affected by the Cervical Check Scandal. Pic: Damian Coleman

THE HSE has confirmed that they had made contact with all 24 women or their families from the Cork region, who were impacted by the CervicalCheck Incident.

It was revealed at a Regional Health Forum last month that 24 women who attended the cancer centre in Cork University Hospital were among the 209 who were given incorrect smear results.

Chief Officer for Cork Kerry Community Healthcare, Ger Reaney confirmed yesterday that the HSE had made contact with the women or their families.

He revealed that families or next of kin have been contacted as some of the women involved have since passed away.

A protest to highlight the Cervical Check scandal will take place tonight in Midleton after being organised by one of the 209 women impacted by the incident.

Midleton native Carol Murray found out last month that she is one of the 209 women impacted by the cervical cancer screening scandal.

A 33-year-old mother-of-two, Carol has been in remission from her cancer for several years but still has regular check-ups and initially feared the cancer had returned when she was called in for a meeting with her consultant.

Instead, her doctor told her that a cervical smear test taken in 2010 had been read incorrectly.

She has since been told the HSE cannot locate a second smear, taken in January 2011.

Carol was eventually diagnosed with cervical cancer in July 2011, more than 12 months after the initial test should have resulted in follow-up tests.

“It’s not just about the women who have been affected by this horrible scandal but about the future of Ireland,” said Carol.

“I’m done letting the so-called government dictate to me.

“I have rights.

“All this technicality stuff going on now instead of our answers is going on way too long,” she added.

“I want my answers and I want them now, no more being quiet for me.”

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