Cyclists on Greenway a danger to pedestrians

Cyclists on Greenway a danger to pedestrians
The Blackrock to Passage Greenway. Pic: Denis Scannell

THE Passage West to Rochestown Greenway has “accidents waiting to happen” according to councillors, who claimed cyclists have collided with pedestrians in recent weeks.

Cork County Council developed the greenway linking Blackrock Castle with Rochestown and Passage with a Smarter Travel Grant from the Department of Transport in recent years and introduced signage with a code of conduct on how to use the pathway. However, councillors have complained cyclists are travelling too fast, causing a hazard for pedestrians.

Councillor Seamus McGrath (FF) said the pathway is too narrow to facilitate pedestrians and cyclists and should be at least four metres in width.

“There was a serious incident where a lady was hit by a cyclist in a terrifying incident [in recent weeks]. An ambulance was called and the lady took a bad fall. The code of conduct and signage needs to be adequate to inform people of how to use it,” he added.

Michael ‘Frick’ Murphy (SF) said are more accidents waiting to happen with cyclists “flying” through the route and road markings should be considered instead of signage.

Marcia D’Alton (Ind) said a lot of work went into identifying best practice on use of the pathway and most countries used ‘keep left and pass right’ system for greenways.

According to John A Collins (FG), users of the amenity need to be educated on conduct. “If we try to widen it, what we are trying to do is retrofit an amenity that was not envisaged to be used for this purpose,” he said.

Daithi Ó Donnabháin (FF) said he had walked the greenway recently and noticed that the speed of bikes is a particular problem.

County engineers Madeleine Healy said the route was a victim of its own success and before code of conduct signage was erected, there was “as many if not more” accidents reported.

The council will now consider solutions to the issues being experienced by greenway users.

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