Tenders for Gerald Griffin Street housing due to be issued

Tenders for Gerald Griffin Street housing due to be issued

The site for the new housing development at Gerald Griffin Street, next to Neptune basketball arena. Picture: Eddie O’Hare

TENDERS for the main building contract for a housing development at Gerald Griffin Street are expected to be issued next month.

City Hall confirmed plans to press ahead with construction of more than 40 homes on the site after months of enabling works.

The Gerald Griffin Street site, located next to Neptune Stadium, will be home to 41 housing units when the project is completed.

Enabling works started some months ago with little progress evident in recent months. The apparent lack of work had prompted questions locally, with Cllr John Sheehan seeking an update from City Hall this week.

A spokesperson for City Hall's housing department has confirmed that enabling works are now finished.

"These works were extensive and complex and comprised mainly of a major diversion of the main trunk sewer serving the northside of the city which involves structural piling and permanent division of utility services," he said.

Tenders for the site should be issued next month.
Tenders for the site should be issued next month.

"The enabling works were a necessary and complex major stage of the building project and diversions/substructures were essential to facilitate the final main building contract and de-risk it commercially."

As a result of these works, the tender contracts had to be updated with new tenders expected to be invited in October 'with a view to commencing construction in late 2018.' Provisional funding has already been approved by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government.

Mr Sheehan welcomed the progress report.

"People are very keen to see the site developed," he said.

"This will bring new people into the community. There was an expectation that work would be further along by now after the work started but this is positive news."

The development is located next to Neptune stadium, with Mr Sheehan urging contractors to take note of the use of this facility during works.

"It will be used for exams in December and I would be hoping that the disruption to these will be minimised," he added.

"There were a number of complaints during the summer exams in May when the facility was leased out to UCC. A lot of the heavy piling and intrusive work was done during this time and it was disruptive."

Officials in the housing department at City Hall confirmed that the use of Neptune will be referenced in the tender documents when they are issued in order to keep disruption to a minimum.

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