Almost 71,000 penalty points for motorists 

Almost 71,000 penalty points for motorists 

A NEW report issued by the Central Statistics Office shows that motorists picked up 70,908 penalty points last year, down from 77,920 the previous year. 

It was a 9% decrease on the previous year. In all, there were 17,844 offences in Cork.

Some 11,113 of these were issued to male motorists, with 5,654 issued to female. No gender was recorded in the remaining 1,077 cases, according to the CSO. Speeding accounts for 60% of all offences recorded in 2017, 61% to men, 69% to females.

There were also 2,601 notices issued to motorists who were using a mobile phone while driving, with a further 579 handed out to those driving without an NCT certificate.

More than 400 motorists were caught failing to obey traffic lights, while the report also notes that more than 300 were deemed to be ‘driving without reasonable consideration’.

Driving without insurance was the cause of a further 141 offences.

Some 156 learner drivers found themselves on the receiving end of penalty points for driving without an L-plate displayed, while a further 481 learners were hit with points for driving unaccompanied by a qualified driver.

Penalty point offences are recorded on the offender’s driving licence and remai for a period of three years. They are endorsed by An Garda Síochána and recorded by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

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