City Hall planning northside infill homes

City Hall planning northside infill homes

Small housing schemes are to be progressed in Knocknaheeny and Farranree to eradicate issues with illegal dumping.

CITY Hall is investigating a series of infill housing schemes on the northside to tackle issues with antisocial behaviour and dumping issues.

Small schemes are to be progressed in Knocknaheeny and Farranree to eradicate issues with illegal dumping, with a larger project aimed at an area in Mayfield which has frequently suffered from issues of antisocial behaviour.

The site between Ardmore Avenue and Foyle Avenue was formerly the site of a bungalow, which was demolished.

Since, the site has been subject to dumping, prompting concerns from the local community.

Local councillors Mick Nugent and Kenneth Collins submitted a motion to Cork City Council calling for a plan to solve the problem. A report from City Hall's housing director said that a submission for infill housing at the site is in the works.

Mr Nugent said: "It has been the subject of occasional dumping and, as a result, a rodent infestation. Everyone in the area would welcome some sort of plan, whether it was housing, parking or otherwise."

A similar proposal was submitted in relation to Cushing Place, where locals say a site is used as a shortcut to Popham's Road but is also frequently subject to illegal dumping.

The City architect has already advanced a plan for housing at this site, according to City Hall, with a submission to the Department of Housing being prepared.

A final proposal is also in the works for the so-called 'Tarry Path'

in Mayfield, where locals have frequently been faced with large volumes of illegal dumping and regular antisocial behaviour, including drinking, drug-taking and fires in the green area which runs just behind some houses.

City Hall note that a meeting is due to take place with local councillors in the short term to brief them on the plans for the site.

Mr Nugent said that infill housing plans have worked well in the area in the past.

"It can solve a range of issues, including dumping and antisocial behaviour, and has been done well in the past," he said.

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