100 fines and 24 public order arrests during ‘Freshers Week’

100 fines and 24 public order arrests during ‘Freshers Week’

UNIVERSITY College Cork’s ‘Freshers’ Week’ resulted in 24 public order arrests, two drink-driving arrests, 100 drinking and public order fines issued and 20 campus complaints, including 17 formal referrals from gardaí.

The week was also marred by three alleged rape incidents which are said to have occurred during the week, according to the head of Cork’s Sexual Violence Centre Mary Crilly.

The Student Residential Services and Community Relations Office (SRSCRO), which oversaw 20 Campus Watch cases, stressed that the students involved in these complaints make up 0.3% of the overall student population at UCC.

In a report issued on Monday evening, the student body said that all of these students were referred to the first stage of Campus Watch, a system for formal complaints from students, members of the community and gardaí.

A report on the Freshers’ Week activity said: “The majority accepted that their behaviour was unacceptable, showed remorse and paid a charitable contribution.”

A total of €700 was contributed from incidents during Freshers’ week to help students in hardship.

At present 19 of the cases have been resolved through informal resolution, while one case remains ongoing in the informal resolution phase.

Of the complaints received by the Student Residential Services and Community Relations Office, three were from local residents and 17 were formal referrals from the gardaí.

According to the report, the number of complaints to UCC during week-long student events has decreased in the last 12 months.

In Fresher’s week 2017, there were 49 complaints made. During Raise and Give week 2018, there were 37 complaints and in now in Fresher’s Week 2018, there were just 20 complaints.

A spokesperson for the SRSCRO said: “The reduction in formal complaints to UCC and the overall reduction in anti-social behaviour, is attributed to the ongoing collaboration between An Garda Síochána, local resident association groups, local business owners, UCC, the UCC students’ Union and our students.”

Local resident Catherine Clancy, who is also the chairperson of the Magazine Road residents group, said that they had noticed a marked improvement since UCC have become more involved and increased patrols had been introduced into the area.

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