Complaints that 'temporary'needle bins have become permanent

Complaints that 'temporary'needle bins have become permanent
One of the needle bins installed on the Wellington Road area in an effort to get drugs users to safely dispose of syringes. Pic: Kelly O'Brien

Residents in the St Luke’s area want to meet the HSE and gardaí amid concerns that specialist heroin needle bins are attracting drug dealers to the locality.

A meeting is to be arranged between the HSE and gardaí after fed-up residents said that “temporary” needle bins have become permanent fixtures. The needle bins on Wellington Road have been in place for more than a year and a half and remain a source of tension for local residents, who say the bins are attracting drug dealers near their homes.

The specialist bins were installed for heroin addicts to dispose of needles safely. There are more than 500 heroin addicts in the city, the HSE has said.

Residents of Sydney Park and the surrounding area told a packed public meeting at the Ambassador Hotel last night that the presence of the bins indicated a total lack of respect for the local residents who were not consulted about the bins and were given no warning.

City councillor Joe Kavanagh said: “You have to listen to the locals. There was a complete lack of consultation in relation to the issue which was the first mistake and it was a big one.”

Superintendent Mick Comyns said that prior to the bins being installed in the area, they had huge issues around Charlemont Terrace with discarded needles and, at the moment, it is not causing the problems it previously caused.

Supt Comyns said that decision to move the bins rests solely with the HSE Coordinator of Drug and Alcohol Services, David Lane, who was available to meet with the residents to discuss the issue further.

Local resident Mary Rogers said she wanted to know what exactly “temporary” meant in terms of the bins.

Ms Rogers said that the bins had been there long enough and it was time they were moved to another area.

Supt Comyns said he would arrange a meeting with David Lane and the residents in order for answers to be found to questions.

“One way or another we will get an answer to what temporary means,” he said.

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