Midleton hospital warns of bogus charity collectors

Midleton hospital warns of bogus charity collectors
Midleton Community Hospital

BOGUS collectors have been going door-to-door in Midleton recently intending to scam people by posing as donation collectors for the Midleton Community Hospital. 

The management of the hospital has warned people that neither it nor the voluntary Friends of Midleton Hospital group are carrying out door-to-door collections. 

Teresa Galvin, acting director of Midleton Community Hospital, said: “The people of Midleton are always incredibly generous when it comes to supporting Midleton Community Hospital. We would like to warn them that there are no official door-to-door collections underway at the moment. Please alert the Gardaí if someone calls to your door claiming to be collecting donations on our behalf.”

The Gardaí have been informed of the situation after a number of locals contacted the hospital. 

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