Shakey Bridge to be dismantled for repairs and conservation work

Shakey Bridge to be dismantled for repairs and conservation work

The repairs to Daly’s Bridge, known as the Shakey Bridge, will be carried out off-site in a factory setting. Picture: Dan Linehan

THE FUTURE of the Shakey Bridge is stable after Cork City Council applied for permission to complete repair and restoration works on the iconic structure.

The bridge is officially named Daly's Bridge but is known all over Cork as the 'Shakey Bridge' for its distinctive wobble.

It is is the only surviving pedestrian suspension bridge of its type and age in Ireland. Works on the 50.9-metre bridge will include the removal of vegetation, cleaning and graffiti removal.

There will be a phased dismantling of the deck so it can be taken off-site for grit blasting, repair and repainting before it is reinstated. The timber decking will also be replaced.

Historic picture of Daly's Bridge at Sunday's Well.
Historic picture of Daly's Bridge at Sunday's Well.

The steek latticed deck and the original iron railings on the southern ferry boat quayside will also be taken down and repainted.

Cork City Council engineers said dismantling for repair off-site is considered best practice and has been undertaken successfully on a number of similar bridge schemes across Europe.

City Hall senior engineer Fergus Gleeson said the bridge will be more durable and will age better once the works are completed.

“By undertaking the critical repair, conservation and repainting works in the controlled conditions of a factory setting, we will ensure that the people of Cork will enjoy a more durable bridge better able to resist the effects of weather when it is put back in place.

“Inclement weather conditions during the winter would also prevent this work being carried out on site, as would concerns around site personnel working at height for prolonged periods of time over the river. Working offsite also serves to reduce potential impact on the environment as the likelihood of blast debris entering the river is reduced.

"In all cases, the cables on the bridge need to be replaced which would necessitate temporary dismantling of the structure,” he added.

Landscaping works are also to be undertaken on the north and south side of the bridge and lighting in the area improved.

Cork City Council said in a statement that if the bridge is not repaired soon, load restrictions would have to be applied.

A structural assessment of Daly’s bridge was undertaken in December 2016 by RPS Consulting which concluded that significant damage is present with repair needed immediately.

The bridge was opened in 1927 and remains the only suspension bridge in Cork City.

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