St Vincent's Bridge repairs underway

St Vincent's Bridge repairs underway

Swimmers passing under St Vincent's Bridge during the Vibes & Scribes Lee Swim on Saturday, June 30, 2018. A €180,000 repair and refurbishment of the bridge has started.

VITAL repair works have started on St Vincent's Bridge.

Up to €180,000 will be spent on the refurbishment of the structure, which links North Mall to Bachelor's Quay, close to the Mercy University Hospital.

The first phase of works includes critical maintenance works. This involves cleaning the bridge and putting structural improvements in place. The lower sections of the bridge are also to be painted and new public lighting installed on the northern side of the bridge in the direction of Sunday's Well.

The next phase of the work, which will be completed next year or in 2020 according to City Hall, will see an extensive refurbishment of the bridge, including improvements to its surface.

The project is funded by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

Meanwhile, work is ongoing on the €1.2 million repair of St Patrick's Bridge. Its 19th-century stonework is being cleaned and repaired, while its heritage lamposts, which have been repaired and restored, are to be returned to the bridge in the coming weeks.

The works are being carried out by Cork City Council in conjunction with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII).

Finally, the major restoration project planned for the Shakey Bridge is set to move forward. The project will address extensive corrosion on the bridge.

Tenders are due to be awarded in the coming months, with work due to start within weeks of that.

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