Have you a story about the River Lee?

Have you a story about the River Lee?
View of Lavitts Quay and River Lee in March 1932.

CITY Hall is asking the people of Cork for their stories and memories of the River Lee and its quays.

These stories are being gathered so that landscape architects, The Paul Hogarth Company, can develop ways of telling the story of the river as part of the Public Realm design which will accompany the Lower Lee Flood Relief Scheme.

Cork City Council is issuing a public callout for anecdotes, memories and/or interesting facts on the river and its banks — from the Lee Fields to the city centre island.

A Cork City Council spokesperson said: “It might be a quotation you’ve always liked about ‘The River’? A saying? A quirky fact that can be conveyed in a line or two? Words, that capture past and present life on the riverbanks, that could be engraved on benches or paving stones? It might be an image? If you think it’s interesting, we want to hear it.

“Although we have unearthed many fascinating stories already, it is vital that these are the tales of local people and therefore we need your help,” she added.

Details can be sent to Louise Dinneen at Room 237, Cork City Hall, by email to louise_dinneen@corkcity.ie or by telephone at 021 492 4761. You can also email Elspeth Wills at eandmwills@btinternet.com or telephone Elspeth at 00443132266659.

THE OPW and City Hall are developing a flood scheme for the river to protect 2,100 properties, including 900 homes and 1,200 businesses, against tidal and river flooding.

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