Potential for man-made beach at Cuskinny under examination

Potential for man-made beach at Cuskinny under examination

Looking towards Battery Strand, near Cobh. The strand has been closed since 2013 due to overhanging cliffs. The potential to develop artificial sandy beaches in the Cobh area has not been ruled out. Picture: Denis Minihane

COUNTY Council engineers have not ruled out the development of man-made beaches in Cobh.

Councillor Cathal Rasmussen (LAB) said the matter of developing new sandy beaches had been discussed at municipal district level and one potential location has already been identified.

“One of the things missing in Cobh is man-made beaches. In Cuskinny there is a large cove and there may be room to look at that,” he said.

“At the moment, we don’t have sandy beaches in Cobh, we have rocky stretches in the Cobh area. I’m not saying it’s possible, practical or cost efficient but it’s something that needs to be looked at and Cuskinny maybe somewhere that may be suitable.”

Acting county engineer Kevin Morey said the Council had never dealt with such an issue but it could be considered if a proposal is brought forward at municipal district level.

Meanwhile, Cobh councillors are calling for signage to be erected to make people aware that Battery Stand, close to the Titanic Garden, is closed for health and safety reasons.

Mr Rasmussen said: “At Battery Strand, the Council has decided to close it off due to overhanging cliffs in the area and the risk they could fall down.

“We were told signage could not be put up to advise people to stay away from the cliff. People have been using the battery strand for many years. They should be informed why it’s closed.

“The public in the Cobh are are not happy with it,” he added.

Cllr Sinéad Sheppard (FG) added: “We have a 12-metre to 15-metre embankment and there is a fear of landslides, debris and rock. The steps are damaged but no signs were put up, it was just closed off. There is a fear locally that it will never be opened again.

“It’s important to sort out the steps and get it opened again but they are short-term solutions. If there are health and safety issues there we have to deal with it. This is ongoing since 2013.”

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