450 homes completed in Cork over the past three months

450 homes completed in Cork over the past three months

Of the 75 home completions in Cork city over the last three months, 39 were apartments. There were 377 completions in Cork County areas. Picture Denis Minihane.

JUST 75 new homes were completed in Cork city in the third quarter of 2018.

A new CSO report on the number of dwelling completions in Cork continues to paint a bleak picture amid ongoing housing shortages in city and county.

In addition to the 75 completions in Cork city, which includes just 39 apartments, there were 377 completions in Cork County areas.

Nationally, the figure was 4,673 which represents a 23.4% increase on the same period last year. Overall, in the year to date, there have been 12,582 completions, a 27.7% increase from 2017.

However, these figures do not include student apartment developments.

The primary data source for new dwelling completions is the number of new ESB connections. Student apartments are typically connected to the ESB network as a commercial connection and, therefore, are not included in the ESB's domestic connection figures for new home completions.

Aaron Willis, general manager of Cork developer firm GPD, said that the pace of building is 'too slow' to sustain projected economic growth.

He said: "This increase is welcomed, but it does not make up for the fact construction decreased by over 50% in the last decade.

"A huge number of professional and tradespeople in the construction sector either left the industry and retrained in another sector or worked abroad. This has been further compounded by the limited apprentice programmes in the industry.

"Tradespeople will continue to be the cornerstone of the industry, so we need to focus our attention on the current and future workforce."

Mr Willis called for a change in approach to building, including relaxed height restrictions and a focus on modular construction.

"The country needs more houses. This is an unquestionable truth. So we need to put in place the supports, process, incentives and structures that will enable the goal of greater construction output to be achieved.

"We must look type of accommodation required by the current generations. More apartments and mixed-use developments within city boundaries should be considered."

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