Safety fears as Cork roads melt in hot weather

Safety fears as Cork roads melt in hot weather

THE recent hot weather is causing an oil base on some roads to melt, prompting safety concerns for motorists.

Grange-based public representative Eoghan Jeffers (SF) said he has noticed melting on roads at Farmers Cross, Elm Hill, Scart Cross and Cooneys Lane.

“It’s something that I am concerned about and I’m sure other councillors are,” he said.

“During the very hot weather on a lot of the local roads, the heat was drawing up an oil that was nearly melting the road and has stayed and dried on the top of the surface.

“It is shiny and slippery. I wonder if a driver broke on it what could happen and could it freeze in winter easier.

“It can be dangerous when breaking when the road is wet. In some parts of the roads, there is no chip present and it is all black,” he added.

Mr Jeffers has urged drivers to take extra care with their breaking distances as many people are unaware of the potential hazard.

County Hall roads director Tom Stritch said area engineers will be monitoring roads where this has occurred but it is less likely to be present on roads that have been recently resurfaced.

“We have to look situation one by one afterwards to see if anything is warranted,” he said.

“A lot of places you will find that even though the road looks black there is still a bit of chip there.

“I am sure the area engineers and their teams will look at the roads where there is a particular issue. I think roads done in more recent years have caused less of a problem principally because we are using a lot of polymer emulsions in the last couple of years,” he added.

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