Councillor wants bridge across South Link Road to be closed

Councillor wants bridge across South Link Road to be closed

The bridge from Rockboro Road to Anglesea Street. Councillor Terry Shannon wants the bridge closed due to anto-social behaviour in the area. Picture: Denis Scannell

CITY Hall and the gardaí have been urged to take urgent action to tackle anti-social behaviour and drug dealing in the Rockboro Road area.

Fianna Fáil councillor Terry Shannon said that there are major issues with drugs and drink in the area, which is just a few minutes from Anglesea Street garda station and City Hall.

Mr Shannon went as far as to say that the local authority should consider the ‘nuclear option’ of closing the Rockboro Bridge over the South Link Road.

He has voiced concerns on several occasions in recent months, calling on City Hall to intervene before the situation worsens further.

He described the area as ‘derelict, dirty and uninviting’ and said that anti-social behaviour is out of control.

In a motion to the City Council, Mr Shannon said that issues include ‘drinking in public, drug distribution and drug taking.’

“There are drug pushers on bikes,” he added.

“It is not fair on the residents. Closing the bridge may be the nuclear option but something needs to be done. The area is derelict, dirty, uninviting. With the best will in the world, the guards simply aren’t handling it.”

The Fianna Fáil councillor said the immediate steps are needed to prevent the issues from worsening, too.

“We need more public lighting, we need to clean up the area,” he said.

“Broken branches and overgrown bushes and green areas are an issue, too, which is just adding to the look and feel of the area. If it looks well, it will remain well.”

A report from City Hall’s roads department confirmed that proposals to close the pedestrian bridge from Rockboro Road to Anglesea Street ‘will be added to the agenda for the next south-east and south-central ward meetings.’

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