Call for evaluation of roads after repeated flooding

Call for evaluation of roads after repeated flooding

Cars making their way through the floodwater in the North Ring Road, Blackpool, after overnight heavy rain. Picture: Dan Linehan

There have been calls for a complete evaluation of Cork city's road network due to repeated spot flooding during heavy rainfall.

Several incidents of ponding and spot flooding were reported during yesterday’s heavy rainfall and more wet weather is on the way in the coming days.

The North Ring Road, Skehard Road and the South Link are just some of the areas where large volumes of surface water were reported.

Several inches of water could be spotted in areas, with some blocked drains causing an issue even after the rain had stopped.

Concerns have been raised that the city's roads infrastructure just isn't capable of handling changing weather conditions and heavy volumes of traffic.

Fianna Fáil councillor Kenneth O'Flynn said that issues are prominent throughout the city, with drains and gullies blocking up as soon as the poor weather starts.

He noted several inches of water pooling on the junction the North Ring Road with Assumption Road in Blackpool.

"It is just one part of the city where it happens," he said.

"I also noticed it on the Skehard Road, which has just been resurfaced, too. It is a nuisance for pedestrians and also a danger to motorists, as we all know that pooling water can impact breaking times and stopping distances."

Mr O'Flynn said that the issue extends beyond poor weather, too, with poorly maintained trees and shrubbery a concern in many parts of the city.

"It impacts visibility and can make walking or driving more difficult," he said.

"We want soft finishes on roads but they need to be maintained; they cannot just overhang onto the carriageways."

With the volumes of traffic on city roads forecasted to increase in the coming years as the city's population grows, Mr O'Flynn said that now is the time to act.

"We need a full engineers report of the entire roads network," he said.

"There are issues of poor maintenance in some areas, drains and gullies not being cleared in others, and an absence of responsibility too, with Cork City Council and Transport Infrastructure Ireland both having duties of care over different sections of the same roads.

"We are being told, though, that we are a city rising, that the developments are going to keep on coming but in poor weather, some of our roads are unusable. Now is the time to get our house in order, now is the time to undertake a study and see where work is needed."

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