Dad offers €100 reward to retrieve his son’s cuddly toy

Dad offers €100 reward to retrieve his son’s cuddly toy
The missing monkey teddy: Daithe O'Shea has launched an appeal after his son Sean's teddy went missing on a visit to Cork.

THE search is on for a teddy owned by a young boy with autism and ADHD which went missing on a business trip to Cork with his dad.

Daithe O’Shea and his 10-year-old son Sean, who has had the monkey teddy since birth, were staying at the Cork International Hotel last week when the teddy went missing.

Sean O'Shea when he was just a baby with his monkey teddy.
Sean O'Shea when he was just a baby with his monkey teddy.

Daithe said: “He has had the monkey since birth, it was the only thing that settled him as a newborn and that really hasn’t changed.”

Daithe, who is a digital artist and works to render images for websites and computer games, currently travels between Ireland and the USA with work but is based in Galway. Daithe said he thought the teddy, which is affectionately called ‘Monkey’, was left at the hotel when they were packing up.

Sean was playing with his sister as the family were getting ready to leave and in the distraction, Monkey ended up being left behind.

Mr O’Shea said since the teddy has been missing, Sean has had trouble sleeping and also has been more emotional.

“He leaves him under his pillow so that when he wakes in the night, he can lift up the pillow and know he’s not alone, obviously, that isn’t happening now, so he is getting very emotional.

“The same thing during the day, when he needs comfort or his emotions are getting the better of him, he would usually seek out Monkey.”

Daithe has made efforts to retrieve his son’s favourite teddy, including contacting the hotel, reaching out to the public on social media and offering a €100 reward in the form of an Amazon or Smyths toy voucher.

A spokesperson for the Cork International Airport said they had been searching the hotel for the teddy and had posted an appeal on their private hotel Facebook page to try and find him.

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