Report: 21 killed and 700 injured on Cork roads in 2016

Report: 21 killed and 700 injured on Cork roads in 2016

ALMOST 700 people were injured on Cork’s roads in 2016, according to a new report from the Central Statistics Office.

The Transport Omnibus report for 2017 showed that there were 21 road deaths, and 694 people injured. There were 14 killed on the roads in Cork last year.

According to the Transport Omnibus report, there were 272 men between 18 and 24 years of age injured in Cork accidents, compared with 186 women in the same age bracket. Of the 21 road deaths, 13 were males in the same age group.

Corkman Greg McGarry founded a driver safe app called Targify earlier this year, which enables parents to monitor their children’s driving behaviour on the roads. It allows access to the location of the car and maximum speed of the vehicle on each journey. It also sends alerts for excessive acceleration, harsh braking and taking of bends too quickly.

He said: “Everyone is affected by dangerous or risky driving behaviour — but as inexperienced and sometimes overenthusiastic new drivers, we all need to be mindful of how young drivers behave on our roads. While there are many sensible young drivers out there, there can be no denying that a certain cohort can behave recklessly at times.”

He said parents of young drivers have a role to play and that “a sense of caution and safety” needs to be instilled at a young age.

He added: “Promoting good behaviour on our roads and shunning speedy and risky driving is important — so that it’s not seen as ‘cool’ to drive too fast or recklessly — but that it is, in fact, regarded as dangerous and foolish.”

Nationally, the statistics revealed that April was the safest month, with seven fatalities. March had the highest number of fatalities.

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