Almost 1,500 UCC students attended counselling services in 2017/18

Almost 1,500 UCC students attended counselling services in 2017/18
The Quad at UCC, Cork: 1,455 students attended counselling services in the last academic year.Picture: Denis Minihane.

ALMOST 200 students from University College Cork were deemed to be self-harming or at risk of doing so in the 2017/18 academic year.

A further 1,102 were suffering from anxiety while 510 presented with depression, anger and mood change disorders.

Figures obtained by the Evening Echo show that 1,455 UCC students attended counselling services last year.

Academic concerns were cited as an issue in 581 cases, with issues with relationships cited in 391 cases.

Self and identity concerns were noted in 358 instances and abuse was cited as a reason for attending in 184 cases.

180 cited issues regarding physical health, 124 presented with addictive behaviours and 56 presented with eating disorders.

Meanwhile, 48 presented to counselling with transition concerns, 23 cited sexual issues and 34 had concerns regarding employment and welfare.

These compiled figures are higher than the total number of students that attended counselling services in 2017/18 as many students present with multiple issues, each of which is recorded as a separate issue.

“The counselling service in UCC is one of the most vital services in UCC,” said UCC Students' Union President Alan Hayes, who called on the government to provide the service with more funding.

“They are constantly struggling with resources and having to juggle their budget from one year to the next.

“The counselling is excellent and the department themselves need to be commended for the work they do and constantly are trying to do more with less,” he added.

“The government do not provide specific counselling funds, therefore, each summer is a scary time for the department to decide what way they are going to spend their limited and restricted budget.” 

Combined with statistics from Cork Institute of Technology, these latest figures show that almost 2,000 students attended counselling services on Cork college campuses last year.

Counsellors in CIT provided almost 4,000 hours of counselling to more than 300 students last year, the Evening Echo revealed recently.

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