Thefts reports are up across Cork as retailers are taking a zero-tolerance stance

Thefts reports are up across Cork as retailers are taking a zero-tolerance stance

PROPERTY crime across Cork in 2018 was up 432 incidents compared to 2017 according to the latest Garda figures.

The figures, for the three Cork districts, Cork North, West and the city, showed an increase of 7% compared to last year. In 2017 there was a total of 6,048 reported property crimes and in 2018 there were 6,470.

Chief Superintendent Con Cadogan said thefts from shops and from cars were the big contributors to the figures.

Thefts from shops rose by 280, jumping from 2,095 to 2,375 and from vehicles went up 161 reports from 728 to 889.

Chief Superintendent Con Cadogan said reports of thefts from shops increased significantly because of a new hardline approach being introduced by shop owners.

“That’s the big driver there. A big reason for that is shops used to leave a certain percentage, 4-5%, for losses through damage and theft, and people are becoming more prudent about it now in that respect.

The Chief Superintendent for West Cork also said that modern technology has also played a part in the increased crime reporting.

“Biometric systems being introduced — because of that and the positive approach taken by business people it has resulted in an increase.”

Chief Supt Cadogan said he was expecting this form of crime to decrease in 2019.

“I suspect that because of the approach taken thefts from shops will drop in 2019 as criminals become wise and they know they are going to get caught.

“The courts are taking a more active approach as well, which is also helpful.”

In terms of theft from vehicles, Chief Superintendent Barry McPolin said that people are still not locking their cars and care needs to be taken by property owners.

The city centre chief superintendent said gangs were travelling to rural parts of the city and trying every car in an estate, looking for one that is open.

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