Grattan Hill man finds plastic shards in his water supply

Grattan Hill man finds plastic shards in his water supply

The shards of plastic Grattan Hill resident Michael O’Sullivan found in his water filter.

PLASTIC shards have been found in the tap water of a resident on Grattan Hill, just off Lower Glanmire Road where extensive works are ongoing by Irish Water.

Micheal O’Sullivan told the Evening Echo he has a filter system, where a piece of gauze blocks bulky items from exiting the tap. In the gauze recently, he found several shards of plastic.

Mr O’Sullivan said he had been living in the area for the past six years and he has never found anything like that in his water before.

“It is a huge coincidence that the first time in six years we found plastic in our water is when they are fixing the road,” he said.

The local resident also said he completely renovated the system when he moved in, so all the pipes are only six years old.

A spokesperson for Irish Water said they are investigating the incident. However, the company also said it could not have been from the roadworks as the residents have not been connected to the new system yet.

“Extensive works have been undertaken to replace 1,300 metres of existing aged cast iron water mains and to lay new water service connections from the public water main in the road to customers’ property boundaries. The new main has not yet been commissioned nor have the new service connections been brought into service. Water is still being supplied to customers through the existing system and will be until the new water main is commissioned and all service connections are completed.”

For issues relating to the roadworks, Irish Water encouraged people to contact their 24/7 customer care helpline on 1850 278 278.

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