Students in danger with 7am drinking in Cork's early houses

Students in danger with 7am drinking in Cork's early houses

STUDENTS in Cork are putting themselves in danger by partying all night and then going to pubs that have early-opening hours licences, it has been warned.

Plans to ban early pubs were dropped by the Government 11 years ago in favour of not granting any new licences but publicans who already held the licences were allowed to keep them until such time as the business ceases to trade.

Early licences have been in place since the 1920s and were aimed at allowing people working unsociable hours on the docks to have a drink when they finished their shift. It is believed there are three such pubs still operating in Cork.

Councillor Mary Shields (FF) said students are putting their health at risk by staying out all night and said new licencing laws are needed.

“I was told by a taxi driver that a number of students he dropped off went to a pub at 6am. When they got there, they had to wait outside because the pub was already full.

“I don’t think it’s necessary for pubs to be open at that hour and it’s a terrible message to give out to young people that these facilities are available at that hour of the morning.”

Vintners’ Federation of Ireland (VFI) Cork branch chairman Michael O’Donovan said: 

We know that students have gone to them for Fresher’s Week but there’s also the aspect of people that work night shifts and different hours and they have to be catered for too.

“If the students are going there early in the morning I would be pretty confident to say that they have been out all night and are continuing on their socialising and the security staff would be trained to deal with that scenario and some of the students wouldn’t get access,” he added.

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