Students angry as on-campus rents are on the rise again

Students angry as on-campus rents are on the rise again

A recent protest by UCC and CIT students in relation to accommodation prices. Picture: David Keane

STUDENTS at University College Cork (UCC) have vented their anger at the latest increases in on-campus accommodation prices.

The increase will mean the price of a single en suite bedroom on UCC campus has risen by more than €900 in just two years.

UCC increased costs by almost €300 in 2018 and will increase them again by between €500 and €630 depending on the accommodation.

For the 2016/2017 academic year, UCC charged €5,260 for a single en suite bedroom.

That same room, at the Victoria Mills accommodation complex, for the 2019/2020 year will cost students €6,179, it has been revealed.

Meanwhile, rooms at Mardyke Hall, Castlewhite Apartments and Union Hall also saw increases.

The office, Campus Accommodation UCC, currently manage five complexes: Victoria Mills, University Hall, Victoria Lodge, Castlewhite Apartments and Mardyke Hall, with a total of 1,277-bed spaces.

“Students are incredibly aggravated about this,” said Faye Murphy, commercial and communications officer for the Students Union at UCC.

“These type of prices are leading to students being locked out and unable to afford accommodation.

“This will especially impact on students who can’t commute from home because it’s just not an option,” she added.

“Many are travelling from very far away to attend the university and commuting just isn’t possible so they need accommodation but these prices are ridiculous.

“UCC SU is very much against these rising accommodation prices.”

UCC’s latest rent hike at Victoria Mills will see students pay either one instalment of more than €6,000 or two instalments.

The first of these is due on August 5 and will cost €3,674 with the second due for payment on November 22 at a cost of €2,505.

A statement from UCC said: “UCC is extremely conscious of the financial challenges faced by students, and no changes to Campus Accommodation rates were made from 2016/2017 and 2017/2018.

“In 2018/2019 weekly charges increased by €8, while in 2019/2020 weekly charges will increase by €14 to €17.

“UCC is operating in an environment which has seen an attendant rise in costs for the ongoing maintenance and security of student accommodation.

“Any increase in Campus Accommodation rates are considered with student representatives and UCC is committed to providing safe accommodation to a high standard for its students.

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