Donate money to Cork autism — message on Louise Clancy's laptop

Donate money to Cork autism — message on Louise Clancy's laptop

Louise Ann, aged 22, and Geraldine Clancy, aged 58, who were killed in a road traffic accident in Fermoy in 2015. Picture: Provision

A WISH for money to be donated to Cork Association for Autism has recently been found on the damaged laptop of Kilworth crash victim Louise Clancy.

The 22-year-old and her 58-year-old mum Geraldine were killed in a collision with an unaccompanied learner driver a short distance from their home on December 22, 2015.

Geraldine was taking Louise to catch a bus to Cork city from nearby Fermoy when the accident happened.

Louise had her laptop at the time but her dad Noel said it is only recently that the hard drive of the device could be accessed because it was damaged in the impact of the crash.

Noel said the family has now found several photos and writings by Louise on the laptop – including her expressed wish that her family would donate money to Cork Association for Autism if anything ever happened to her.

Noel said: “She wanted money given to them and we are now planning to do that.”

He said Louise had high-functioning autism and saw the world in a different way to many people.

At the time of her death, she had just returned home for Christmas from college in Brighton and was planning to return there after the holidays.

But instead, he said the Clancys had to travel to Brighton weeks after the crash to bring home her belongings.

Noel had campaigned for just over two years for legislation to prosecute vehicle owners who allow their vehicles to be driven by unaccompanied learner drivers.

The measure was introduced last month, on the third anniversary of the deaths of Geraldine and Louise.

In February 2017, an inquest found the Clancy women had both died from acute cardiorespiratory failure due to drowning following the road traffic accident which took place just half an hour from the Clancy home outside Kilworth. Noel was among those who assisted at the scene of the accident.

The impact of the collision resulted in Clancys’ Ford Focus being pushed into a flooded drain.

He did not realise that his loved ones were the victims until he spotted the number plate of the family’s car.

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