Strange ales will challenge the norm at Franciscan beer festival

Strange ales will challenge the norm at Franciscan beer festival
Revellers enjoying the Franciscan Well Brewpub. 

THE Franciscan Well’s Cask Ales and Strange Brew Festival will get underway at the end of the month. 

Now in its 7th year, it is the pub's first beer gathering of 2019, running from Thursday, January 31 to Saturday, February 2.

The festival celebrates cask-conditioned ales from a variety of Irish brewers and showcases their growing experimentation and their ability to "challenge the norms of brewing" by using curious and interesting ingredients.

"Cask beer has become increasingly more popular, the beer is much lower in carbonation and is served at room temperature which allows the beers full flavour to shine through," says Kate Clancy, marketing manager of the brewpub.

Lough Gill, Dot Brew, West Cork Brewery and 9 White Dear are just some of the breweries at the festival with over 20 cask engines rotating a range of brews. 

All breweries attending will also compete in the Beoir Cask Competition which will be judged by the national beer enthusiasts club on Saturday, February 1.

This year the festival takes on a quirky circus theme and people are asked to watch out for some live street performers.

"Having the Strange Brew element to the festival enables us to think outside the box, so we thought, why wouldn’t hula hooping and beer go together," added Kate.

Admission is free and doors open at 5pm on Thursday and 1pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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