Pension windfall for dozens of people around Cork

Pension windfall for dozens of people around Cork
The site of the Sunbeam Factory from Redforge Road.

DOZENS of lucky people in Cork could be in line for an unexpected pension windfall, with Standard Life searching for individuals they believe to be due money.

The pension provider is looking for people who worked for a number of companies, including some of Cork’s best-known former employers.

“We are trying to trace approx 100 customers, who, in the main were employed by companies who were based in Cork,” a spokesperson told the Echo.

The Sunbeam factory in Blackpool is on the list, as is Youghal Carpets and Seafield Gentex.

Standard Life say the customers they are trying to locate are aged 50 or over, and some are still to retire. The company says that when the pension schemes of these companies were wound up, Standard Life’s relationship was with the scheme administrators or trustees rather than individual members of the schemes.

“As a result, the contact details for the individual policyholders were not held by Standard Life,” a spokesperson explained.

“The trustees or administrators at the time may have provided the members with details of their individual policies but this cannot be confirmed. These company schemes were wound up mainly as the employer ceased, leaving members entitled to benefits which they could access at their normal retirement date.”

While each case is different, Standard Life said the average pension income is €1,700 per annum: “These are annuity payments and the benefits are unique to each member and scheme.”

You can contact Standard Life on +44 131 245 7364. If anyone thinks a deceased family member could be involved, family members or the executor of the estate should contact the phone line. They will check to establish if any benefits are due.

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