There's something in the water... fifty Cork homes with 'Third World' supply

There's something in the water... fifty Cork homes with 'Third World' supply
A sample of water taken from a tap in the Graball area of Crosshaven

SOME 50 families in the Graball area of Crosshaven have been living with ‘filthy’ water since Storm Ophelia last October.

Leianne Maverley Kiernan, originally from Crosshaven, moved back to the area from Dublin two years ago and said the water is undrinkable.

 “It could be awful once a month, or every day for a few days, you just don’t know.”

Leianne, who has a son with epilepsy and a five-month-old baby, said it is very stressful not having usable water.

“We are living in a third world country basically up here in Graball. The water is like something you would take from your toilet. Even washing our clothes, if you put on a whitewash, your clothes will come out a yellow colour from the water.

“It is very stressful. I have to watch my son constantly, in case he drinks some of the water and gets sick. There are bottles of water in the bathroom for brushing your teeth.”

Leianne said she cooks with bottled water from her local supermarket and has a hand sanitiser on every counter.

She said that she lived in Dublin for 12 years and couldn’t touch the water because of limestone in it.

“I kept saying the water in Crosshaven is lovely and then I moved back two years ago. I grew up here for 18 to 19 years and it used to be the nicest water and it’s worse than Dublin now. It’s gone to pot.”

Ms Maverley Kiernan said she has contacted Irish Water at least five times and has been told it is working on the issue.

A spokesperson for Irish Water said it tests all public water supplies against a range of standards and if there is a possible health risk the HSE is consulted.

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