More than 300 syringes found in Cork city toilet in the past three years

More than 300 syringes found in Cork city toilet in the past three years
Drug paraphernalia in the public toilets on Grand Parade.

AT least 300 syringes and 2,100 other drug-related litter have been found in the toilet on the Grand Parade in the past three years.

In information provided to the Evening Echo, through the Freedom of Information Act, Cork City Council revealed that at least 19 syringes have been recovered this year, along with more than 70 items of drug-related litter.

The figures do not include the syringes and drug litter which had been disposed in the needle chutes and bins.

However, according to the council, the amount of drug litter found in the toilets has not been fully recorded since August 2017.

“Records for drug paraphernalia found in 2016 and up to August 2017 are available. After this time, as a result in a change in personnel, the reporting of drug finds lapsed.”

The email added that the information since then has been “scattered and incomplete and hence cannot be relied upon to provide a clear picture.”

In November, the issue of drug paraphernalia in the Grand Parade toilet was highlighted when a person found drug litter on the baby changing table.

The information provided by Cork City Council runs to November 8 and does not include that incident.

According to the council, the contractor for cleaning the toilet is Healthmatic Limited, which has earned €99,871.77 since January 2016. However, the council said the contract for the cleaning of the toilets is part of a larger cleaning and maintenance contract.

According to the Health Service Executive, a needle exchange worker patrols the Grand Parade area regularly and includes checks on the toilet facility to ensure there are no drugs paraphernalia left there.

Medically supervised injecting centres are planning for heroin users in Cork and other parts of the country, under the Misuse of Drugs (Supervised Injecting Facilities) Bill 2017.

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