Quarter of those on the housing list have never used the Council's online property website

Quarter of those on the housing list have never used the Council's online property website

MORE than a quarter of Choice Based Letting users in the county have never logged onto the online platform, which is the only way they can apply for social housing.

There are 7,417 CBL users in the county and 1,941 (26%) of them have never engaged with the online application process.

Fine Gael Councillor Anthony Barry said the rate had dropped considerably in recent times, but 26% was still far too high.

“We all have to move forward, the technological age is advancing,” he said. “I know there is 26% not logged on, but there would have been a time when we had 40-45% not logged on.

“It is improving, however, it is unfortunate for that 26% who cannot get access, or who have not the ability or the capacity to access.”

Mr Barry said that everyone on the housing list was informed about the Choice Based Letting system and had assistance available.

“Now they have all been told about it. Everybody on the housing support has somewhere to go and the support to actually log on. The council have been on to all their applicants on numerous occasions.”

The Fine Gael Councillor said it can be overwhelming at first to use the system: “I suppose when you look at it first, you kinda think, well if I’m not computer literate I’ve no chance and we should probably do more about finding a way of getting those people to access, but it is a better system because the rate of refusals has dramatically fallen; that was a huge problem.”

Mr Barry said at least a third of the old properties that were being offered were refused and the point of the new system was to cut back on those levels, something that it has achieved.

“Now you have properties being offered and used up so you don’t have the same level of vacancy and voids that we used to have,” he said. “The level of refusals was ridiculously high and having the house empty and idle was helping no one.”

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