'We need your help to make Cork a safer place for cyclists'

'We need your help to make Cork a safer place for cyclists'
A mother and young daughter cycling to school and work on Cork's Liberty Street.

CORK Cycling Campaign (CCC) is appealing to the public to highlight infrastructure and safety issues with the city’s cycle network.

CCC member Conn O’Donovan said that the group is taking suggestions from their social media followers and members.

CCC is drawing up a list of achievable short-term goals, such as new pedestrian lights, and long-term goals, such as the rollout of the cycle network plan for each of the four city wards.

The idea is that political candidates will then have the opportunity to decide which of the goals they support, as part of their manifestos in the local elections.

As part of the #ibikeivote movement, the initiative could help people decide which candidate they would like to vote for.

Mr O’Donovan said of the initiative’s conception: “This idea has come from one of our members, who saw it being used in London when he lived there. In short, we will compile a shortlist of achievable goals/projects and ask the candidates in each ward which project they wish to support.

“This will, hopefully, help voters in each ward, who determine that active travel or sustainable transport is an election issue for them, to choose candidates appropriately.”

Mr O’Donovan said that they were currently asking their social media followers to suggest some ideas, which will be reviewed.

They will then ask members internally and draft up a shortlist of goals for each ward in the city.

The CCC member said that, so far, they have had great feedback in relation to the south-east and south-west wards.

“A lot of people have been calling for more cycle lanes, but it’s not always just about cycle lanes. People have called for pedestrian/cycle crossing lights at places like the Tennis Village, traffic-calming measures on roads like the Blackrock Road, and the weekend pedestrianisation of the Marina Road.”

Mr O’Donovan also said that there seems to be a large cohort of individuals that would like to cycle, as a commute or pastime, but feel it is not safe to do so and this project could help change that.

“We speak to a lot of people living in Cork, who would like to cycle but worry about the risks, due to the lack of cycling infrastructure in the city.

“Our ‘ward goals’ project may help this group decide what councillor will work to help realise their target of safe cycling,” he said.

To make a suggestion to Cork Cycling Campaign about any of the four city wards, you can email info@corkcyclingcampaign.com, tweet them at CorkCyclingCrew, or Facebook them on @CorkCyclingCrew.

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