Cork MEP describes ‘terrible’ scenes in Strasbourg

Cork MEP describes ‘terrible’ scenes in Strasbourg

People being treated as they lay on the ground after a shooting at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, lat night. Three people were killed and 13 wounded.

Ireland South MEP Deidre Clune has described the “terrible” scenes in Strasbourg as a gunman who killed three people and injured a dozen at a Christmas market remains on the loose.

Ireland South representative Clune is in Strasbourg attending the European Parliament and was in the city centre last night when the incident happened before making her way back to her accommodation, unaware the gunman was still at large.

Her staff were in the parliament which was forced into lockdown as strict security measures were brought into force as the incident came to light.

Ms Clune told the Evening Echo this morning: “I had left the parliament at about 7.30pm to pick up something from the shop before it closed so I was in the city centre.

“Then I popped into a restaurant and got a text that there was an incident.

“The restaurant was closed and they pulled down the blinds.

“I didn’t realise there was a gunman on the loose, I was just aware there was an incident. I was told it was happening in the opposite direction to where I was going so I carried on.

“The place became really quiet with just a few people scuttling about. I went back to the Grande-Île and where I am this morning is about 100 metres away from where the shooting happened,” she added.

Ms Clune said most people in the city were carrying on as normal this morning.

“There are lots of people around this morning and I am ready to go back to work with business as normal today.

“There is a determination to get going today and the lockdown in the city centre has been removed and trams are running,” she added.

She added her thoughts are with the people and families affected by the shootings.

Ms Clune was also attending meetings in Brussels in March 2016 when suicide bombings killed 32 civilians and injured more than 300.

A manhunt is now underway in Strasbourg for the 29-year-old alleged gunman.

Authorities in France have launched a terror investigation into the shooting.

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