Vulnerable young man released to live at hostel

Vulnerable young man released to live at hostel

A vulnerable young Cork man who has self-harmed and spent the past fortnight remanded in custody for allegedly putting his mother in fear at the family home was released to live at a hostel yesterday.

His defence solicitor, prosecuting sergeant and the judge have all expressed concern about the young man in the course of recent court hearings as it appears he is not well. 

Judge Olann Kelleher has been told psychiatric services have not admitted him for residential care despite a number of efforts to get treatment. With the intervention of a social worker a hostel bed was arranged for him yesterday.

One of the reasons he had been remanded in custody was the fact that his mother could not take him at home and there was nowhere else for him to stay. He was remanded on bail until tomorrow at Cork District Court.

Sergeant John Kelleher said the accused had been on bail charged with two breaches of his mother’s safety order, once in January and the other in March. A new charge referring to April 1 is his third alleged breach of the safety order.

The young man’s mother previously expressed concerns about him being given bail again. “I don’t think I would be in a position to stop him coming in. He would comply for a day or two or slightly longer. Inevitably, he will drink again. He will become aggressive, violent, threatening and bullying again." 

His mother said: “He is very vulnerable. He self-harms in stressful situations. He has severe anxiety in custody.”

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