Want a puppy? The Irish Guide Dogs are looking for puppy raisers in Cork

Want a puppy? The Irish Guide Dogs are looking for puppy raisers in Cork
Zac raised by a Cork family before training as a guide dog or assistance dog.

Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind needs volunteer puppy raisers in the Cork area who could give a puppy a loving home for a year.

Puppy raising is a crucial part of Irish Guide Dogs work as it provides the puppy with a vital foundation for its future role as a Guide Dog for a visually impaired person or as an Assistance Dog for a family with a child with autism.

The purpose of Irish Guide Dogs’ Puppy Raising Programme is to develop and care for a puppy from the age of eight weeks to approximately 12 to 14 months.

The puppy will sleep in the Puppy Raiser's home and all training equipment and food is provided by Irish Guide Dogs. There are also regular training classes and support from Puppy Raising Supervisors.

Irish Guide Dogs is specifically looking for people who:

  • Live in Cork – ideally within two hours travelling distance of the training centre on the Model Farm Road and particularly in areas near towns as this is important for the pups’ socialisation.
  • Have an enclosed garden. 
  • Do not have children under the age of five. 
  • Have an adult at home all day (the pup cannot be left on its own for more than three hours) 
  • Can commit to a 12-month period of minding a pup in training and attend Irish Guide Dogs’ monthly training sessions.

Brian and Susan Kenna from Cork are currently raising their second Puppy Zac.

"We first heard of puppy raising when Irish Guide Dogs paid a visit to our daughter Louise's school. Louise instantly fell in love and completed her TY work placement at the charity's headquarters on Model Farm Road. Soon after, Louise and our other daughter Ruth suggested we become Puppy Raisers, so we decided as a family to apply.

"Puppy raising has made us come together as a family and we are more active with Zac in our lives. When we told our friends, they said 'Oh, but how can you give them back?'. Our answer was easy, we are doing it for someone that needs this dog more than us!" 

"We as a family believe in the work that the Irish Guide dogs for the blind do every day. Puppy raising is one of the most rewarding jobs we as a family have ever done, it has been amazing and we couldn't recommend it enough.'

To find out more or to apply online, go to http://www.guidedogs.ie or contact our Dog Volunteer Coordinator Esther Ring at 087 9945115 or email estherring@guidedogs.ie

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