Outdated street furniture an "eyesore" in Cork city

Outdated street furniture an "eyesore" in Cork city
An old electricity pole on the North Gate bridge.

A SURVEY to determine unused “eyesore” utility poles, signage and potentially hazardous street furniture is to be considered by City Hall.

Councillor Kenneth Collins (SF) recently walked the city and recorded a number of unused ESB and telegraph poles and outdated signage and reported his findings to the local authority.

An old electricity pole on a traffic island on the North Gate Bridge
An old electricity pole on a traffic island on the North Gate Bridge

He has called for such items to be logged then removed in order to clean streetscapes and remove potential hazards to the visually impaired. He said the signs also give a bad impression of the city to tourists and believes the city council should be more proactive in tackling the issue.

“These signs are an eyesore and should be taken down because we have a beautiful city. They are there for years and a hazard to people who are visually impaired,” he said.

“There is a pole North Gate Bridge which is a former ESB pole that has been cut off and left there. It’s of no use whatsoever and it is rusting.

“There are a lot around the city. I am calling on City Hall to carry out a survey of the whole city — north, south and inner city — and take them down. There is no need for them. They have caught my eye on numerous occasions and I have asked for them to be removed.

“At the moment you have the ESB taking down poles but these ones are just being left there to rot.

“This gives a very bad impression to tourists. You have people using the route a lot to get up to Shandon Street and the tourist bus is often stuck in traffic looking at this. People from outside Ireland looking at this must be wondering why we aren’t taking better care of our cityscape,” he added.

City council director of roads Gerry O’Beirne said the Council is limited in what it can do with items that are owned by utility companies but is considering logging all such issues around the city.

“ESB and telegraph poles are the responsibility of ESB networks and Eir. As the designated owners the assets, ESB networks and Eir have exclusive control and responsibility for the associated maintenance and CCC does not have any role or knowledge of the state of these assets.

“The transportation division is at present giving consideration to a survey proposal which would include signage and unused assets of this type will be identified,” he added.

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