Have your say on the best name for Cork's latest bridge 

Have your say on the best name for Cork's latest bridge 
A view of the new pedestrian bridge that will cross from Merchant's Quay to Harley Street and Patrick's Quay.

A new bridge across the northern channel of the Lee is hoped to ready for use by the summer and a shortlist of potential names has been drawn up.

Following submissions by the public, five names of figures with a strong connection to Cork have been put forward and next month councillors will decide which of them will have their name on the pedestrian-and-cycle bridge.

Following a campaign to have this bridge named after a woman, four of the five people on the shortlist are women. They are US labour activist, Mother Jones; Ireland’s Oskar Schindler, Mary Elmes; Irish Red Cross advocate, Leslie Price de Barra; and legendary ballet dancer and teacher, Joan Denise Moriarty.

The sole man on the list is republican volunteer, Donnchadh de Barra.

Whose name would you choose?

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The bridge itself has been made off-site by Thompsons of Carlow and will be transported by truck for final assembly in Cork Harbour.

The plan is for the finished structure to then be transported up-river by barge towards the end of April, when it will be lifted by crane into place during an overnight operation.

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