Here's what you need to do to become a star of The Young Offenders

Here's what you need to do to become a star of The Young Offenders
A scene from The Young Offenders

UNIQUE individuals and lovable rogues are hot on the wanted list for the producers of The Young Offenders who have said they are keeping an open mind in the ongoing casting call for new characters in the hit TV show.

Vico Films, the producers of The Young Offenders, said they are looking for new characters they could mould to the show as well as filling in new characters they have already created.

“We want to continue to be ambitious with our storytelling, so while the next series will feature all the characters that audiences have grown to love, we’ll also be introducing some new characters too so that we can keep things fresh and drive storylines forward,” they told The Echo.

The producers said that they would be keeping a close eye on videos being submitted and a really unique individual would be snapped up straight away.

“We have some really exciting things planned for the characters in the next series and some of these will most likely be influenced by new characters.”

Vico Films said they were looking for people who are fans of the show and feel that they’d fit in well with the cast while also having good comic timing.

We’re really looking for all types of personalities, once they’re confident that they can deliver on screen and would be comfortable coming into the existing team of the cast. “

The producers said they were focused on finding people who are within the age-bracket of Conor, Jock, Linda and Siobhan.

“We are primarily looking for people who look the same age as Conor, Jock, Linda and Siobhan, so people in that age range are particularly welcome. But we’re not excluding people that don’t fit that age profile either.”

Offering advice to auditionees, Vico Films said “Just be yourself and enjoy making your video.

“Don’t over-rehearse, we just want to get to know you so if there are mistakes leave them in, a lot of the time those are the best bits.

“We want you to do the five-minute video, which must be over five minutes or we won’t view it. The reason being is so that you don’t have time to learn anything off. We really want you to just go for it without planning and talk for five minutes.”

The producers said to make sure that you can be seen and heard clearly and if you are under 18, don’t forget you need parental permission. Other top tips include reading the instructions carefully and submitting two separate videos.

“If you have no acting experience, that’s ok - we’ll consider all applicants who follow the guidelines.”

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