Air pollution and the Gearagh talks at Lifelong Learning Festival

Air pollution and the Gearagh talks at Lifelong Learning Festival
The Gearagh Nature Reserve in Macroom, Co. Cork, in one of its driest conditions last summer. 

THE Cork Lifelong Learning Festival will this Saturday host a talk on one of the most pressing issues facing the world.

Climate change and air pollution will be discussed at Nano Nagle Place in a talk led by John Sodeau, UCC Professor Emeritus in the School of Chemistry and Environmental Research Institute (ERI).

He is the founding Director of the Centre for Atmospheric Research into Atmospheric Chemistry (CRACLab) and has over 30 years of experience teaching undergraduates and the general public about atmospheric chemistry, air pollution and climate change.

“‘Every breath you take: a talk about air pollution and climate change’ will put to attendees the questions they should be asking about the world today,” Professor Sodeau said.

“The main questions you should be asking are: what will our environment be like by the end of this century? Will we be living under temperature-controlled domes breathing purified air? “Or will we be holed up in some other situation that also sounds like science fiction? Or will the Gaia hypothesis have been proven true and planet Earth protects itself by eliminating us?” 

The talk gets underway at 2pm this Saturday at Nano Nagle Place with entrance via Douglas Street.

Those interested in the environment may also be interested in an hour-long talk taking place this evening at St. John’s College at 5pm.

‘The River in the Forest. Conservation conflict in the Gearagh’ aims to increase understanding of the internationally important alluvial forest and wetlands near Macroom by presenting the perspectives of a broad range of stakeholders and by exploring underlying sources of conflict.

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