‘Cars parked in cycle lanes should be considered dangerous driving’

‘Cars parked in cycle lanes should be considered dangerous driving’
Parking on cycle lanes at CIT. Pic: David Beechinor

PARKING in cycle lanes should be prosecuted as dangerous driving, according to the Cork Cycling Campaign (CCC).

Dr Darren McAdam O’Connell, of the CCC, said that enforcement does not appear to be a priority for the gardaí.

Dr McAdam O’Connell, who sits on the joint policing committee, added: “I am told, all the time, that they will tackle it, but that they can’t call it dangerous driving, that they can only give out fines. I don’t know why that is.

Photos taken by Cork-based cyclist David Beechinor show cars parked in cycle lanes outside CIT. Mr Beechinor works in a company in the Rubicon centre and cycles there from Douglas. He said he sees this behaviour every day.

“There is a simple solution: just put a single pole in each opening or end point,” he said.

“I guess they will wait until there is an accident, then they can blame the company that manages the car-parking,” he added.

“It’s a general problem across Cork and Ireland,” said Dr McAdam O’Connell. “It’s a huge problem in a lot of places and it’s caused by the lack of enforcement. Every single day, I cycle past gardaí who are walking past dangerously parked cars and they’re not doing enough about it,” he added. “It’s not up to gardaí to issue parking tickets, if a person hasn’t paid and displayed. But when somebody parks dangerously, that’s dangerous driving.

“A garda doesn’t walk past if they see someone waving a weapon about in a dangerous manner, but they do walk past when they see cars parked dangerously in a way that puts lives at risk.

“There is good work being done by traffic wardens and I fully support them, but I think they could do more. I think it’s completely inappropriate that a parking ticket is issued to someone parked dangerously, as if it’s the same as not having a parking disc. This is dangerous driving and these people need to be tackled as such, with points on their licence and a fine.”

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