Call for taskforce to fight ‘out of control’ illegal dumping

Call for taskforce to fight ‘out of control’ illegal dumping
Rubbish dumped on the Tarry Path in Mayfield last year.  Picture: Eddie O'Hare

CITY HALL officials are to deliver a report on the possible setting up of an anti-litter taskforce to tackle increasing dumping in Mayfield.

The idea comes off the back of a proposal by Councillor Joe Kavanagh (FG) who has described dumping surrounding Mayfield housing estates, the Tarry Path area in particular, as a “spiralling scourge”.

“This has resulted in a serious rodent infestation in certain adjacent residential areas and is getting increasingly worse,” he said.

“This illegal dumping of rubbish on a daily basis has now reached epidemic proportions and is now completely out of control.

“While I appreciate that this problem is a widespread city-wide problem, I suggest that this task force urgently put in place a workable strategy in these areas of Mayfield as a template for application in other areas of the city. I suggest a thorough clean-up of the area, a focussed monitoring of these areas and subsequent prosecution of the offenders. If there is seen to be a consequence to this illegal dumping this will help to minimise and eventually eradicate it.”

Meanwhile, Workers’ Party representative Ted Tynan wants Council officials to explore the possibility of reversing the privatisation of household waste services, saying “the handing over of the public refuse disposal system to private operators has been a failure for all but the private operators for whom it has been extremely lucrative and that private refuse collection charges have continued to increase despite the advent of competition”.

On Monday night, he will urge City Hall officials to “begin the process of reversing the privatisation of and to recommence the City Council’s own refuse collection service.”

Separately, Councillor John Sheehan (FF) is calling for the citywide enforcement of new bylaws which include fixed penalties of €75 will be issued to households that are without waste removal contracts.

The bylaws are yet to be passed by the full council.

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